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The Men's Shed is basically a social club with a communal workshop.
The Hackspace (currently a lower priority) is much the same thing for Tech.

Both spaces enable members to work on their own projects with tools and expertise they could never afford individually, on group projects for community benefit, and to be involved in making the use of the facilities for other people.

Both spaces normally (meaning when we have a base) meet jointly every Tuesday, at -.
Meeting end times are no longer fixed, and may optionally end up in the nearby Pack Horse (SN15 3BA), on the corner of London Road and Long Close.

Who & Where

Physically, we are temporarily "homeless", as we no longer have access to our last base. You can contact the admin office at:

8 Westbrook Close
SN14 0DL

Tel. 01249 443391
(Please note: This address and number has changed recently.)
This temporary number will go to voicemail most of the time.
The previous main admin address is being sold - please send all correspondence to the new one.

The last Shed building
(actually, a canteen)

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All Shedspace assets are owned by the Trustees, who are:

We are run by a committee consisting of:

Chair, Maker of the Tea
(Position vacant, due to illness)
Treasurer, Washer of the Dishes
(Position vacant, due to a sad passing)
Secretary, Keeper of the Biscuits, advertising & web
Robin Hodson

Because the committee is limited to three people, there are responsibilities assigned outside it:

Photography, Legal, Publicity
David Norfolk
Hackspace Lead
(Position vacant, due to resignation)

Some responsibilities are still mangled up with the hackspace, until someone decides how to divide them.

We are a not-for-profit charity, limited by guarantee, registered at Companies House.
Reg. No: 10831949

Another shedspace has split off from us, and have decided to call themselves "Cepen Men's Shed". We wish them well. Please note, their website is displaying the wrong name; they are not associated with us, we have added this link at their request, to aid people searching for them.

Incorporating Chippenham Hackspace.

CH logo

The hackspace also is also on Twitter as @chiphack and on Thingiverse as chiphack.

The hackspace now has its own subsite, at

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